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Eyal and Julietís original oil paintings, utilizing magnificent colors, reflect an impressionistic and surrealistic style. The paintings reflect what some people refer to as color imagery used to create optimistic energy. Eyal and Juliet believe that various shades of colors inspire certain emotional reflexes in a person and that a personís attraction to a certain color is a reflection of his or her personality and/or emotional desires. For example, red is believed to symbolize energy, confidence, and courage, and to inspire passion and strength in a personís life and relationships. Purple is believed to symbolize spirituality and reflect a person's desire for spiritual fulfillment. Blue is believed to symbolize strong intuition, sincerity, tranquility, and trust. While colors certainly stimulate different emotional responses for different people, this artist focuses on creating emotionally charged and inspiring paintings. The technique used by Eyal and Juliet includes the use of no tools or brushes, as each painting is created using their hands and fingers as their artistic instruments.

  Syria     31 x 39     (SOLD) Nurturing Mother     35 x 39    
  Red Rose     27 x 27     Red Tropics     29x29     (SOLD)  
  Elephants in Egypt     47 x 31      

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