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Yohanan was born in Canada in 1950 and currently resides in Israel. Yohanan studied at the Bezalel Acedemy of Fine Arts in Jerusalem, received his Bachelor of Arts from Hebrew University, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal. Yohanan's artistic talents have been recognized in the creative arts community in multiple areas.  During his career he has served with numerous prominent institutions as a leading graphic designer, interior designer, curator, art director, and theatrical resident director.  Yohanan’s creativity and innovation have culminated in his creation of various new art forms including the soft art technique which he developed and considers the media of the future. Through this technique, acrylic and felt fabrics in an infinite variety of color combinations, mixtures, textures, and transparencies, are artistically blended into exciting layered pictures and collages. The soft paintings are then needled together in an innovative technical process for permanency, creating flat, flexible and durable surfaces. The harmonious multi dimensional effect achieved by soft art represents a breakthrough in original art forms. Yohanan’s unique and striking works of art are exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum, the Bet Agron International Press Center, and the Binyanei Ha'Uma Convention Center in Jerusalem as well as in many private and corporate collections around the world.

Collectors of Yohanan's Works of Art:

Tel Aviv Museum; Tel Aviv, Israel
Bet Agron International Press Center; Jerusalem, Israel
Binyanei Ha Uma, Jerusalem Convention Center; Jerusalem, Israel
Africa-Israel Lobbies Throught Israel (from which Yohanan received the best design award)
Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
Ramat Gan Theater; Ramat Gan, Israel
Adanim Mortgage Bank; Tel Aviv, Israel
Sun Hotel; Bat Yam, Israel
Clal Computers; Givat Shaul, Israel
Golden Pages of Israel; Ramat Gan, Israel
Ideal Fasteners Corporation; North Carolina
Americare Inc; Brooklyn, New York
Mizrahi Bank (~38 Branches), Israel
Neve Ilan Guest House; Neve Ilan, Israel
Kiryat Anavim Guest House; Jerusalem, Israel
Hotel Mitzpeh Ramat Rachel; Jerusalem, Israel
First International Bank (~2 branches)
Carlton Hotel; Tel Aviv, Israel
Alexander Hotel; Tel Aviv, Israel


Individual Exhibitions:

1991 Windmill Gallery; Munich, Germany
1992 Artist’s House; Jerusalem, Israel
  Brahler Gallery; The Hague, Netherlands
1993 Municipal Gallery; Jerusalem, Israel
1994 Bendeti Gallery; Soho, New York
1995 Circle Fine Art Galleries; Soho, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Miami, Florida
1996 Hermann Gallery; Essen, Germany
1998 Gallery Federmann; Lippstadt, Germany
1999 Gallery Nocherbech; Bielefield, Germany
  Gallery Nunsthaus Becher; Uleve, Germany
  Kibbutz Machanaim Gallery, “Views”; Israel
  Mizpe Hayamim Gallery, “Tel Aviv reminds me of New York”; Tsfat, Israel
2007 A Heart of the World, Fine Art Gallery; Charlotte, NC and Naples, Florida

 Group Exhibitions:

1989 Artist’s House; Jerusalem, Israel
1990 Art Expo; Los Angeles, California
  Art Expo; New York, New York
1991 Art Expo; New York, New York
  Art Hamburg; Hamburg, Germany
1992 Art Expo; New York, New York
1993 Annual Art Festival; Boca Raton, Florida
  Art Expo; New York, New York
1994 Art Expo; New York, New York

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